If you’re curious about Canada’s creative industries—like film, television, gaming, and animation—but aren’t sure where you’d fit, or what types of roles are available, we’re here to help.

Stratagem, Magnet and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce are excited to launch a new program for Canadian post-secondary students to learn about career paths in the creative industries and find roles that are right for them.

Who it's for?

Post-secondary students are invited to complete the Lumina assessment, which is free and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Participants will receive a fit score for each of the benchmarked roles. Employers in the creative industries hiring for any benchmarked role can create a free Magnet account to share fit-based job postings, targeting candidates based on their fit score. In addition to your fit score, your Lumina assessment will help you understand how your personality can match different career paths. These insights can help you in planning your career and understanding how you can make your personality a strength during your job search and in the workplace.

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Lumina Personality Octagon chart. Starting on the top left: People focused (green), Inspiration Driven, Big Picture Thinking (yellow), Extroverted, Outcome Focused (red), Discipline Driven, Down to Earth (blue), Introverted. Square in center. starting in the top left: Performing through people (green), Performing through pioneering (yellow), performing through influence (red), performing through delivery (blue)

What is Lumina?

Lumina is a job matching and career support tool developed by Magnet and OTEC. Using a questionnaire supported by Lumina Learning’s Spark technology, users are asked to identify how they identify with a series of statements. Lumina will then share a report with insights into each job seeker’s personality, and the strengths they can offer in a professional environment.

Benchmarked Roles

We have developed ideal candidate profiles for exciting jobs in the creative industries such as Production Assistant, Video Editor, 2D/3D Animator, Compositor, and Carpenter.

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Lead with your personality

When your career allows you to apply your personality, your performance and satisfaction both increase. Employers know that personality and fit are just as crucial to success as skills and experience, and are finding new ways to hire that look beyond the traditional resume.

Stratagem has worked with Magnet and Lumina Learning to “benchmark” five in-demand roles in the fields of film, television, gaming, and animation. That means we’ve conducted research into the personality traits and working styles that could make someone a good fit for those roles, and are using this knowledge to help match post-secondary students to opportunities in these fields.

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About the Project

Stratagem Group, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, and Magnet are working together to connect young Canadians to opportunities in Ontario’s creative industries.

With support from the Skills Development Fund, we’re working with employers across industries like film, television, gaming, and animation to offer 8-week placements where post-secondary students can build skills and experience, and learn about career paths in those fields. The project is targeted at individuals with disabilities or who are newcomers to Ontario, Indigenous, or Black.

Stratagem is proud to work with partners on this project, which supports the most valuable asset in the production process: the talented workers who make the content we consume. This partnership will help students connect to placements based on how they match the workstyle characteristics and personality traits that help an individual thrive in that role.

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